DG elect Ervin Myers

Somerset Lions Club

1 VDG elect George Andrako

Monongahela Donora Area Lions Club


2 VDG elect Jason Long

Somerset Lions Club

Cabinet Secretary - PDG Gloria Saloom (Dr. Albert) - Pleasant Valley Lions

Cabinet Treasurer - PDG Eric Dolfi (Stacey)

District Advisor - PDG Robert Rafail - Uniontown Lions Club

Chaplain - Donna Silbaugh (Jim) - Pleasant Valley Bullskin Lions Club

Parliamentarian - PCC Daniel Swincinski (Ann) - Somerset Lions Club

Region and Zone Chairs



Region Chairperson - TRUXEL, SAM

Zone A

Zone Chairperson - Keifer, Larry            

Connellsville – Grindstone - Old Trails

Point Marion - Uniontown

Zone B

Zone Chairperson - TEETS, THERESA  

Bullskin Twp - Dawson/Vanderbilt – Dunbar Twp

Indian Creek Valley - Pleasant Valley - Perryopolis



Region Chairperson - LONG, JASON

Zone A


Berlin – Confluence - Laurel Hill - Meyersdale

Salisbury - Somerset

Zone B

Zone Chairperson - TINSMITH, PDG Richard (Laurel)

Boswell – Connumach – Hooversville - Shade

Stoystown - Windber Area


Region Chair - HAVRILAK, Thomas (Cyndi)

Zone A

Zone Chairperson – Speranza, Gene

Burgettstown - Greater Canonsburg – Hickory

McDonald – Midway - Washington

Zone B

Zone Chairperson - Yesenosky, Deshirl

Carmichaels – Clarksville - Mount Morris

Waynesburg - West Greene



Region Chair – Ford Sr, Mark

Zone A

Zone Chairperson PALLI, PDG Joseph A. (*Helen)

Scenery Hill - BCR - Fayette City/Washington Twp.

Roscoe - Binnstown/Low Hill

Zone B

Zone Chairperson           JACKSON, KARL

Monongahela/Donora Area – Bentleyville -

Eighty-Four – McMurray – Charleroi



Alert Chairperson

Kazmarski, Michael A - Greater Canonsburg Lions Club



Kiefer, ZC Larry - Connellsville Lions Club


Beacon Lodge Liaison and 500 Club

Eicher, Jean - Bullskin Lions Club


Calendar Project

Myers, Ervin (Linda) - Somerset Lions Club


Centennial Coordinator

Ott, PDG Jim - Scenery Hill Lions Club


Club Secretary Advisor

Long, RC Jason C. - Somerset Lions Club


Constitution/Bylaws/Policy (4)

Bauer, PDG Jack (Vivian) - Scenery Hill Lions Club

Linck, PDG Gene (Caryll) – McDonald Lions Club

Rafail, PDG Robert - Uniontown Lions Club

Gursky, PDG Ed (Peggy) - Uniontown Lions Club


Cultural & Community Activities

Andranko, Rose Marie - Monongahela Donora Area Lions Club


District Convention

Chairperson Ervin Myers

Co-Chair- George Andrako


Diabetes Research Awareness Eye Research

Briar Thomas (Carol) - Confluence Lions Club


Disaster Fund District 14-M Committee

Silbaugh, Donna Chairperson

Gyorko, Allen IPDG

Schmalz, Gloria PDG


Drug Awareness Poster

Rossi, Robert R. (Tina) - Charleroi Lions Club      



Myers, Ervin (Linda) - Somerset Lions Club


GLT District Coordinator

Gursky, PDG Ed (Peggy) - Uniontown Lions Club


GMT District Coordinator

Swincinski, PCC Daniel (Ann) - Somerset Lions Club


GST District Coordinator

Allen R. Gyorko (Darlene) - Confluence Lions Club


International Understanding & Cooperation

Saloom, PDG Gloria (Dr. Albert) - Pleasant Valley Lions      


Leader Dog                             

Ogburn, Melinda (Charles) - Hickory Lions Club        


Leo Clubs Coordinator    (Year 1 of 3) 

Phyllis Koval - Connellsville Lions Club


Lioness Clubs Coordinator

Lucky, Nancy - Dunbar Twp L/L


Lions Clubs International Foundation Coordinator

Palli, PDG Joseph- Fayette City/ Washington Twp.


Long Range Planning Committee

Bauer, Jack Chairperson  

Balieu, Art                      

Gursky, PDG Ed (Peggy)        

Swincinski, PCC Dan


Melvin Jones Fellowship Committee

Linck, PDG Eugene (Caryll)

Schmalz, PDG Gloria J.

Gursky, PDG Ed (Peggy)

Tinsmith Rich(Laurel)


Newsletter Editor

Schmalz, PDG Gloria J.


Nominating Committee

Region One: PDG Gloria Schmalz

Region Two: PDG Jack Bauer

Region Three: PDG Robert Rafial

Region Four: PDG Richard Tinsmith

GLT Coordinator: PDG Edward Gursky Chairperson


Past Partners in Service

Laurel Tinsmith (Rich)   

Canan, Phyllis


Peace Poster

Rossi, Robert R. (Tina) - Charleroi Lions Club      


Public Relations Chairperson & Publicity Liaison



Puppy Dog Program

McCracken, Clair (JoAnn) - Hickory Lions Club        

Ogburn, Melinda (Charles) - Hickory Lions Club        

Ogburn, Charles (Melinda) - Hickory Lions Club        


Reserve Fund

Palli PDG Joseph Chairperson/Treasurer

Rose, PDG Linda Vice Chairperson.

Rafail PDG Robert Secretary

Kubik, PDG Milton

Tinsmith, PDG Rich


Ross DiMarco Fellowship Scholarship Program

Rafail, PDG Robert, Chairperson


Committee: One member from each Region

Currently serving on the WE SERVE Board

Region 1...Eleanor Chapman

Region 2...Gerry Ott

Region 3...Dan Wheeley

Region 4...Jane Swartzwelder


Sergeant At Arms

Balieu, PDG Art - Roscoe Lions Club


Spring Party Chairperson

Dolfi, PDG Eric (Stacey)

Co-Chair- All Zone Chairs


Tail Twister

Truxel, Danielle - Bullskin Lions Club


Information/Technology Web Site

Wheeley, Dan (Becky Kamp) - Uniontown Lions Club


We Serve

IPDG Allen Gyorko President

VDG Ervin Myers Vice President

Robert Rossi Sec/Treasurer


White Cane

Reskovac, Amy - Uniontown Lions Club   



Beacon Lodge, Board of Directors              

Myers, Linda (Ervin)

Kazmarski, Michael


Western PA Hearing Foundation

Blair, Peg (Richard)        

Laskody, Kay (Thomas)


PA Lions Hearing Research Foundation

Rose, PDG Linda K. (Lou)

Blair, Peg (Richard)        

PA Lions All-State Band Committee

Rossi, Robert R. (Tina)   


Lions of PA Foundation

Board Member - PDG Ed Gursky (Peggy)

Exe. Director - 


GLT District Coordinator

Gursky, PDG Ed (Peggy)     


GMT District Coordinator

 Swincinski, PCC Dan


GST District Coordinator

Gyorko, IPDG Allen

The following committees are approved by LCI but do not have a Chairperson in District M. If you would like more information about one of the following, please contact the District Governor.

  • District Environmental Chairperson
  • District GMT Family & Women’s Specialist
  • District GMT Membership and New Club Growth Team Member
  • District Lions Quest Chairperson
  • District Lions Services for Children Chairperson
  • District Reading Action Program Chairperson
  • District Youth (Lions Opportunities for Youth) Chairperson
  • District Youth Camp and Exchange Chairperson
  • District Campus Club Chairperson
  • District Habitat for Humanity