The mission of the Western Pennsylvania Lions Hearing Foundation is to purchase auditory devices, especially hearing aids, for adults and children with significant hearing impairment who would benefit from this technology and demonstrate financial need.Originally founded in 1979 as the Western Pennsylvania Ear Bank and Research Institute by Pennsylvania Lions Club District Governors from six western Pennsylvania districts, the organization initially collected tissue for research and clinical uses. As technology progressed, the Ear Bank become obsolete and the Foundation was established in 1986. Working with physicians and audiologists at UPMC Eye and Ear Institute the Foundation helps those who are deaf or hard of hearing appreciate the sounds of the world that many people take for granted.

The Western Pennsylvania Lions Hearing Foundation has no paid personnel. The Executive Medical Director, and the Lions board members are totally a volunteer group. This enables the Foundation to return all resources to individuals in need of assistance. The Foundation relies solely on donations from Lions Clubs and grants from other sources.

Financial support from contributors, like you, is the Foundation's only source of funds. Your contribution can help ensure that there will be adequate funding to continue providing service for deaf and hard of hearing individuals. The Foundation will also accept donated hearing aids.

If you, your Lions Club or organization would like a presentation or if you are interested in making a donation contact Lion Peg Blair or Lion Kay Laskody. For more information click here.


WPLHF Board Officers :

  • President: Dr. Don Gibala (14-N)
  • Vice President: PDG Geoff Temple (14-B)
  • Secretary: Lion Peg Blair (14-M)
  • Treasurer: Lion Michael Downing (14-F)
  • Executive Medical Director: Dr. Barry Hirsch, M.D.
  • Medical Director Emeritus: Dr. Don Kamerer, M.D.