The Ross F. DiMarco Fellowship was created by District 14-M Lions in 2004 to recognize personal and humanitarian contributions of Lions, Lioness, Leos, and other individuals and to raise money for the District’s Scholarship Program. The Fellowship was named in honor of the late PID Ross F. DiMarco who served as a constant reminder of the principals of Lionism and constantly followed the Motto of Lions Club International, “WE SERVE.” The Ross F. DiMarco Fellowship Program honors current and past accomplishments but also looks to the future by providing annual $1000.00 scholarships to graduating seniors, with emphasis on those who served as Leos, from each of the four counties that are served by District 14-M, including Fayette, Greene, Somerset, and Washington Counties. Each Fellowship recipient receives a handsome pin and certificate to commemorate their efforts to serve others. The Fellowships are presented in recognition of outstanding service provided by individuals to assist those in need. Progressive Fellowships are also available.

Levels begin with Fellow, Ruby Progressive, Ruby and Diamond Progressive Fellow, and Ruby, Diamond, and Saffire Progressive Fellow. Each level has a distinctive pin with appropriate imitation jewels to signify the level. To be eligible for a successive level, a recipient must have received the previous level. All of the funds collected for the Fellowships are designated for the Ross F. DiMarco Scholarship Program.

All contributions are administered through District 14-M WE SERVE [501(c)(3)] and are fully tax deductible. If you would like to become a Ross DiMarco Fellow or you or your club would like to recognize someone else, please complete and return the lower portion of this sheet with your payment.

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Applications should be set to:

PDG Robert Rafail 149N Gallatin Ave Uniontown PA15401


Ross F. DiMarco Fellowship and Progressive

Fellowship = *            Ruby = **                  Diamond = ***                      Saffire = ****


Name                                      Club                           


John Ames                              Scenery Hill                *


Barry L. Baer, Sr.                    Stoystown                   *         

Arthur Balieu                          Roscoe                                    ***

Jack Bauer                               Scenery Hill                *

Vivian Bauer                           Scenery Hill                *

Mary Jane Beckner                 Pt. Marion                   *

Troy Lee Beckner                   Pt. Marion                   *

Robert Bergamasco                 FC/WTLC                   *

Barbara Biondi                        McDonald                   *

Russ Blaho                              Uniontown                  *

Margaret “Peg” Blair              Waynesburg                **

John Bluman                           G. Canonsburg            *

Thomas Briar                           Confluence                  *

Kenneth Britten                      G. Canonsburg            *

William Brown                        FC/WT                        *

Roy Bucher                             Berlin                          *


James A. Cable                       Connumach                 *

Mitchell R. Cable                    Connumach                 *

Neil Canan                              Waynesburg                *

Phyllis Carr                             Pt, Marion                   *

George “Sonny” Cerezo         McDonald                   *

Eleanor Chapman                    Waynesburg                *

John E. Clark                          Scenery Hill                *

Kerry Clycomb                       Berlin                          *

James Coffey                          PIP Ohio                     *

Donald Custer                         Berlin                          *


Mike Dengate                         Leader Dog                 *

Ross F. DiMarco                     Uniontown                  *

Dr. Ross F. DiMarco               Non-Lion                    *         

Dolores B. DiMarco                Uniontown                  *

Eric M. Dolfi                           Uniontown                  ****

Stacey Dolfi                            Uniontown                  *

Beatrice Dyer                          Uniontown                  *

H. Page Dyer                          Uniontown                  *

Patcick Dyer                           Uniontown                  **


Jerry Eicher                             Bullskin                       *



Robert Fahrner                        G. Canonsburg            *

James “Butch” Fleming          Uniontown                  ****


Rhonda Galie                          Uniontown                  *

Joseph Gardiner                      McDonald                   *

Joseph George                         Uniontown                  *

Dwight M. Gindlesperger       Connumach                 *

William Good                         Berlin                          *

Robert J. Gossler                     McDonald                   *

Marian Gossler                        McDonald                   *

P.I.D. Cindy Gregg                Scenery Hill Lions      *

Sara Greenlee                          Bentleyville Lioness    **

Edward J. Gursky                   Grindstone                  *

Bonnie Guyan                         Connumach                 *


Robert Hall                             Uniontown                  **

Thomas Havrilak                     Washington                 **

Shirl Headlee                          Waynesburg                *

Elaine Heniz                            Bentleyville Lioness    *

Jack Hemminger                     Laurel Hill                   *

Vernon Henry                         Connumach                 *

Benjamin R. Herr                    Connumach                 *

Glenn Higinbotham                Scenery Hill                *

James Higinbotham                 Roscoe                                    *

Olive Higinbotham                 Bentleyville Lioness    **

Charles Frederick Hickman    Berlin                          *

Dorothy M. “Dottie” Hill       G. Canonsburg            *

William Y. “Bill” Hill             G. Canonsburg            ****

Kathy L. Holsopple                Connumach                 *

Deb Hull                                 Uniontown                  **


C.S. “Squire” Ickes                 Boswell                       *


Karl Jackson                            Mon. Donora Area      *


Richard R. Kaputa                  14-F                             *

Michael Kazmarski                 G.Canonsburg             *

Charles J. Knupsky, Sr.           Grindstone                  *

Milton Kubik                          Charleroi                     *

Mark Kusma                           CC 2015 (Dist)           *


Edith Lancaster                       Uniontown                  *

Robert Lancaster                     Uniontown                  **

Kay Laskody                          Waynesburg                ***

John A. Leoni                         Uniontown                  *

Glenn Lehman                        Connumach                 *

Wayne Lehman                       Connumach                 *

Caryll J. Linck                         McDonald                   *

Eugene E. Linck                     McDonald                   **

Thomas A. Link                      Grindstone                  *

Kemp Lynn                             Non Member               *

                                                (Scenery Hill)


James R. Marlowe                   Connumach                 *

Tony Marra                             G. Canonsburg            *

Leland Mason                         Connumach                 *

Teresa Matsko                         Boswell                       *

Samuel A. Milliken                 Waynesburg                *

Paul Minetti                            Scenery Hill                *

George Molesky                      FC/WTLC                   *

Dan Moody                             FC/WTLC                   *

Robert Mull                             Bullskin                       *

Dr. Terry L. Musselman          14-T                             *


Everett Nicklow                      Berlin                          **


Melinda Ogburn                      Hickory                       *

Dean W. O’Neil                      Meyersdale                  *

Dr Harold Ott                         14-G                            *


Joseph A. Palli                        FC/WT                        **

ID John Pettis, Jr                    5-2-15 (District)          *

Gene Polgar                            14-K                            *


Mark Ramsier                          FC/WTLC                   *

Robert E. Rafail                      Uniontown                  ****

Amy Reskovac                        Grindstone                  **

William Riley                          Berlin                          *

Francis Roberts                       FC/WTLC                   *

Negley Rodgers, III                FC/WT                        *

Raymond R. Rosemeier          Scenery Hill                *         

Robert Rossi                           Charleroi                     ****

Larry Rusnak                          FC/WTLC                   *


Gloria Saloom                         Pleasant Valley           *

Jack Schimmel                        14-B                            *

Gloria Schmalz                        G. Canonsburg            **

Lori Goodwin Scott                Uniontown                  **

Berton J. Shaffer                     Connumach                 *

Susan E. Shaffer                     Connumach                 *

Jacob D. Shirk, Jr.                   Connumach                 *

Charles Sicina                         Pt. Marion                   *

Donna Silbaugh                      Pleasant Valler            *                                 

James Silbaugh                        Pleasant Valley           *

Ann Slifko                              Berlin                          *

Dorothy Smith                       Berlin                        *                     

Janet Smith                             Pt. Marion                   *

Mark Cody Smith                   Pt. Marion                   *

Paul Smith                               Berlin                          *

William Snyder                       Somerset                     *

Luther S. “Sam” Sprague        Scenery Hill                *

Eugene A. Speranza                McDonald                   *

Marla Stankus                         Bentleyville                 *

Robin Stemple                         Sipesville                     *

Harry & Nancy Stine              Uniontown                  **

Robert Stine                            Uniontown                  *

Dan Swincinski                       Somerset                     ***

Cindy Switalski                      Uniontown                  *


Theresa Teets                          Dunbar                                    *

Laurel Tinsmith                       Non Lion                     *

Rich Tinsmith                          Boswell                       **

John Tobin                              McDonald                   *

Sam Truxel                              Bull Skin                     *


William Veschio                      FC/WTLC                   *

Fabiola Villar                          Uniontown                  *                     


Joseph Walko                          FC/WT                        **

Lance Weaver                         Waynesburg                *

Charles Weidner                     McDonald                   *

Donna J. White                       McDonald                   *

Clair Wilson                            Somerset                     *

Joseph R. Winters                   Midway                       *

Louise Winters                        Midway                       *


Ron Yoder                              Berlin                          *


John Zadrozny                                    FC/WTLC                   *