The State Council of Governors, during the year 2004-05, approved an award to Honor Past International President Joseph L. Wroblewski.

     The Award was designed and established through the Lions of PA Foundation. When PIP Joe was asked about how he wanted to do this,     he asked that the money should continue to further the work of the Foundation since they provide grants for sensory disabilities. PIP Joe, as he is lovingly called by those who know him, has worked over 50 years as a Lion to prevent blindness and fulfill the goals of Lions International.

     When he was International President, Lion Joe's theme was "We Serve Better Together" and today he still believes in that theme. During his year of LCIF chairperson, he set a goal of 24,000 Melvin Jones Fellows and raised over a half million dollars in Fellows. His outstanding service includes International Convention Chairperson in 1987. He is chairperson of the coordingating committee for China affairs and liaison to the United States.

Applications should be set to:

PDG Edward GURSKY, 129 Boyd Avenue, Brownsville, PA 15417


The following are PIP recipients in District 14-M

Gyorko Allen R., Gursky Edward J., Rafail Robert E., Dolfi Eric M., Palli Joseph A., Milliken Samuel A, Foust    Richard, Shaffer Berton J. Swincinski Daniel R., Shearer W. Richard, DiMarco Ross F., Hill Willam, Canan Neil M., Tinsmith Richard, Greenlee Sara, Briar Thomas J., Rossi Robert R., Saloom Gloria, Schmalz Gloria J., Smith Paul, Kubik Milton, Ott James W., Balieu Arthur, FordMark, Havrilak Thomas P., , BlairMargaret A, Laskody Kay, Fleming James