The Fellowship program is one of many ways for the Lions of Pennsylvania Foundation to secure funding for the Grant program. It is a program to recognize a Lion, Lioness, Leo or friend of Lionism for years of service to Lionism. This award can be secured by anyone by donating $500 to the Foundation, or it can be used as an award for an individual who has performed above and beyond the cause of Lionism. To qualify, a donation of $500 is required. This will provide the recipient with a Fellowship pin and pinnacle, which includes the person’s name and year of the donation. There are several progressive levels available. There are several progressive levels available.


Level 1 Gift (Initial) $500 - LOPF Pin and Bevel Pinnacle

Level 2 (Additional) $250 –1 Diamond

Level 3 (Additional) $250 – 2 Diamonds

Level 4 (Additional) $250 – 3 Diamonds

Level 5 (Additional) $250 – 4 Diamonds

Level 6 (Additional) $250 – 5 Diamonds

A onetime gift of $1250 after the initial $500 would receive a 5 Diamond pin.


Applications should be set to:

PDG Edward GURSKY, 129 Boyd Avenue, Brownsville, PA 15417


The following members of District 14-M have been awarded PA Fellowships:

Milliken Samuel A, Barger Hebert, BauerJack W., FoustRichard, Truxel Paul E., Mull Robert, Sparks H. Richard, Cerezo George, Shaffer Berton J., SwincinskiDaniel R., EppleyBrian, Guonda Beatrice, Geho Charles, O'Neal W. Dean, Winters, Jr.   Joseph R., Weaver James, Cipriani Albert J., Millikin   Willam L., Stahl Austin, Myers Sr.   Donald E., QuastPaul , Ellis, Dr.  John E., BowmanKenneth, Quast Constance M., , Weir Mildred, Schrock Ronald, Deaner Donald , Gursky          Edward J., Fox Jean, Shearer W.Richard, DiMarco Ross F., Shirk, Jr.   Jacob D., Richter Lloyd C., Tomazin Tony, Dushey John R., Hill Willam Bill, Weaver Lance O., Canan    Neil M., Brienza     Anthony, Sandusky Robert V., Barabas Mary "Sis", Marlow, Jr. James R., Hoppert     Jay, Rose      Linda, Tinsmith     Richard, Lehman       Rodney W., Guiste Terry, Humble       John, Headlec        Shil, Greenlee        Sara, Moore         Walter Upor Sandra, Helms       Sharen A., ShafferSusan E., Sipe        Theodore C., WilliamsMurray W., Henderson    Robert A., Palli      Joseph A., Gaso, Sr., JosephF., Gaso ,Jr       Joseph F., Briar      Thomas J., Rossi    Robert R., Moore Joanne, Carter         Ed , Kiefer Lawrence J., Nalitz William R., Phillips William J., Lehman Wayne J., Hill        Dottie, Saloom        Gloria, Rafail         Robert E., Bull      John, Mishler       David E. ,Machik          Peter, Schmalz       Gloria J., Smith      Paul, Baer Paul F., Weaver         Marilyn, Kubik          Milton, Dolfi         Eric M., Haer         Gary, Lehman       Glenn E., Snyder   Gregory W., Pruss     Mary K., Hart        William L., Ickes    Comfrey, Ott         James W., Stemple          Robin, Knupski,Sr. Charles, Blough Kenneth, Daniels       Wiliam A, DeVries Jan, Dr., Cable Michelle R. , Steffano,Jr. James P, Holsopple Darrell, Maurer Jr.  B.J., PuskarGeorge D., LohrTroy, Balieu Arthur, Canan        Phyllis R., Carney   Shelley J., Ford      Mark, Havrilak Thomas P., Truxel Paul E. III, Liptak Michael, Skobel     Frank, , Walko Joseph J, Bornstein          Edward N., Eicher Jean R., Spina        Frank, Muncie Donald A., Rendine       Sharon, Knecht     Barbara, Baxenell   Bill, Duncan Jr Thomas E, Fisher          Ralph, Thomas      Charlie, Henderson          Robert A., Yasenosky Deshirl, Mason          James, Blair Margaret A, Laskody       Kay, Fleming         James, Spina Mary Jo, Welch          Stanley, Gyorko     Allen R.