100% CLUBS

Mail LCI Membership Report to LCI by the 20th of the month and to the District Governor by the LAST DAY of the Month OR if filed online using MMA site by the last day of the month

•        Postmark and send District M&As to District Governor, First & Second Vice District Governors,  Zone Chairperson and Cabinet Secretary by the last day of the month.

•        Club President or First Vice President and Secretary must attend Zone, and District Meetings.

•        Remit District, State and International per capita by 1st of October and the 1st of March. (Campus Clubs have extensions until 10/15 & 4/15.)

•        Club President or 1st VP, Secretary and Treasurer attend District Convention and attend the Officers Seminars that are offered.

•        Donate to the Blind Association in your area.

•        Donate to all District Projects. 

•        Have at least one member of your Club attend the Christmas Party and the Spring Party.

All of these seven (7) rules must be observed to be a 100% Club.  These activities must be completed by April 10th and mailed to the District Governor by the 1st of May. 


100% Zone Chairperson Award

•        Must visit or consult with each Club in the Zone one time during the year in addition to the Governor’s visit.

•        Must contact each club whenever an M&A or a Membership Report is not filed for that month.

•        Must attend 100% of Governor’s visitations within his/her Zone.

•        Must hold four Zone Meetings during the year.

•        Must have representatives from 75% of the clubs at two out of four meetings. (If they won’t come to you, have your meeting at their Club.)

•        Must attend all Cabinet Meetings.

•        Invite a potential new member to a meeting at your own club.



In order to receive the Club President Excellence Award, each Club President, who has qualified, must have the Club Secretary fill out this form and have it approved and signed by the District Governor.  The completed form must be mailed to the English Language Department at International Headquarters, or faxed by September 30, 2013. 



1.       The club has complied with the association’s constitution and by-laws as well as the policies of the International Board of Directors, and has refrained from any action encouraging unauthorized uses of the name, goodwill, emblem, the marks “Lions,” “Lioness,” “Lions International” or ”Lions Clubs International” and other insignias of this association.

2.       The club has conducted at least one major service activity during the year in line with the International Program.  Name the activity.

3.       The club achieved at least a gain of one new member or sponsored one new Lions Club.  Name of new Lion or Lions Club:

4.       The club does not have an unpaid balance of over US $50.00 owed to international association as of March 31.

5.       The club has submitted each of the following reports to International Headquarters by the due dates:                                                                               

a.       Monthly Membership Report (C-23-A)

b.       Annual Club Officer Report (PU-101)

The president has attended all of the following Lions meetings during the year. (In case of emergency, a representative of the club president may attend on behalf of the president.)

c.       At least two zone meetings.

d.       Club officer training.

e.       District, multiple district, or international convention.

6.       New members were properly inducted and involved in service activities and/or committee work.

Request for review of award eligibility from a disqualified club president shall be considered only if received at International Headquarters within 12 months after completion of club president’s term of office, provided that the original application form is already filed at International Headquarters.

NOTE:  100% Club President’s Excellence Award is subject to changes by LCI.



      In order to qualify a Lions Secretary must fulfill 10 of the 11 requirements.  A Lioness Secretary must fulfill 7 of the first 8 requirements.  All of the above must be reported on the monthly activity report.

1.       All monthly M&A reports must be properly filled out and received by the LAST DAY of the month..

2.       Must attend at least one Cabinet meeting during the year.

3.       Must attend at least two zone meetings during the year or one additional Cabinet Meeting.

4.       Must attend the training session for secretaries at the officer training session or attend the seminars at the District Convention.

5.       Must attend the District Spring Party.

6.       PU-101 and PU-101M must be postmarked by April 30, 2013. (Note: Earlier than REQUIRED by LCI)

7.       Must visit at least two clubs outside his/her zone.

8.       International Dues must be paid by the 1st of October 2012 and the 1st of March 2013

9.       State Dues must be paid by the above dates.

10.     District Dues must be paid by the above dates.



Proud Lion/Lioness and Proud Sponsor Awards are available to all new members and their sponsors. All new members and sponsors are encouraged to participate. To earn a “Proud Lion/Lioness Award,” you must accomplish these five requirements in the FIRST 6 months of membership.

Cards to be filled for these awards may be obtained from your Club Secretary or the District Governor.  They must be filled out in the required time and given to your Secretary, who then gives them to the District Governor.  The District Governor is the ONLY one who can order these awards.

REQUIREMENTS- 1.  Attend a Board Meeting 2.  Visit another Club 3.  Participate in a Club Project 4.  Attend a Zone, Reg. or Dist. Function 5.  Invite an approved Proposed Candidate to the Club as a Guest